Heat Dissipation & Installation Of Explosion-Proof Lights


LED Explosion-Proof Light Fixtures

LED Explosion-Proof Light Fixtures[80/100/120W]

Applied the highest explosion-proof rating in Korea with excellent heat dissipation design technology

  • Thermally conductive epoxy composite resin composition and LED lighting using the same (Patent No.10-1447258)
  • T-CODE Highest T6 grade, a wide range of operating temperatures and conditions (pressure and dust applied simultaneously)
    Explosion-proof light Ex db ll C T6 Gb IP66
    Dust explosion-proof light Ex tb iiiC T83° CDb IP66

LED explosion-proof lighting fixtures with stable lighting quality

  • Built-in PSU (Power Supply Unit) with powerful surge protection function of over 6kV
  • Long lifespan and reduced maintenance cost by using high-efficiency LED PKG
  • Eco-friendly LED explosion-proof light fixture that does not use 6 major harmful
    substances (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.)

LED light for easy installation and maintenance

  • Various mounting structures and ease of installation Pole length and angle can be adjusted according to the installation environment
  • Improved corrosion resistance against salt damage and contamination (using strong corrosion-resistant materials)

Product installation location

  • Nuclear power plant / hydrothermal power plant, LNG base / petrochemical complex / chemical plant refinery plant / gas plant / gas storage and charging station, etc.
    Special areas with risk of explosion, such as explosive depots
  • Other places where there is a high risk of fire or explosion and stability is required, etc.

Implementation of various installation angles
that can be installed at the product installation site

Adjustable pipe length/angle adjustable

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