Since its founding in 2006,

Blue Science has purshued its Basic Management Objective of improving the lives of people around the world and contributing to the progress and development of society through its business activities.

The company has been committed to developing products that contain the most advanced technology available in LED lighting.

We are constantly working on solutions needed by our customers to overcome construction issues while helping to
bring sustainability to society.

Chungyong Park

By ensuring technological and quality competitiveness, we fuel future growth.



Securing continuous technology and quality competitiveness



Continuous R&D to become a leader in the field of new light sources based on LED

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Accumulated technology and know-how in the field of LED lighting


illuminate the sidewalks and roads to enlighten better future

trusted clients

We work on many city projects.

The primary purpose of public lighting is to illuminate objects or spaces that would otherwise be indistinct and dark at night.

quality products

enlighten the city with the team blueScience

Using the knowledge and expertise we have gained in the LED lighting sector, we are creating new, innovative products. We are evolving into a reliable, high-quality business.

alterations and challenges

Differentiate based on accumulated technology and know-how

technological advancement

continuous R&D

customer satisfaction

provide the best quality

quality control

Creating the future as a trusted company

Cost Cutting

Continuous cost reduction

personal growth

change and challenge,


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