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Administrative Central City Construction Administration
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo City 2016 Low-Income Class LED Lighting Replacement Project
KEPCO Electric Power Research Institute
Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs Government Complex
Management Office Central Public Officials Training Center New Construction Korea District Heating Corporation
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Jeju Educational Science Research Institute
JBusan Waterworks Division Deoksan Water Purification Office
Busan Facilities Corporation Seomyeon Underground Shopping Mall
Ulsan City Culture and Arts Center
Busan City Waterworks Business Headquarters Waterworks Regional Office
Ulsan City Facility Management Corporation Munsu Indoor Swimming Pool
Gyeongsangbuk-do Gimcheon Joma-myeon Office Building
Ulsan City Facilities Management Corporation Municipal Munsugung Dojang
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo City Traditional Folk Performance Outdoor Performance Hall
Sobaek Shopping Mall in Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Gyeongsangbuk-do Uiseong Energy Saving Building Improvement Project
Gyeongsangbuk-do Chilgok Dongmyeon Government Complex New Construction
Waterside Park, Suyeong-gu, Busan
Chilseong-ro Shopping Street, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Gyeryong-si, Chungcheongnam-do City Hall Civic Service Room
Korea Cadastral Corporation Busan Headquarters
Daegu City Facility Management Corporation Daeshin Underground Shopping Mall
Korea Airports Corporation Seoul Regional Headquarters
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Office of Education Main Office Repair Work
Lighting replacement work for low-income families in Dongro-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Chungbuk Fire Department Boeun Fire Station Electrical Work
Ulsan City Facilities Management Corporation Workers Welfare Center
Gyeongnam Uiryeong-gun Office
Gyeongsangbuk-do Yeongju Workers Welfare Center
Lighting replacement work for low-income class in Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ulsan City Nam-gu Office Lighting Improvement Electrical Work
Incheon Metropolitan City Facilities Management Corporation Incheon Children's Science Center
Gyeongnam Yangsan National Sports Center Indoor Gymnasium
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Hanbit Nuclear Power Headquarters
Seoul Olympic Commemorative National Sports Promotion Agency Bicycle Racing Project Headquarters
Korea Electric Power Corporation Gyeonggi Business Division
Myongji Junior College Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
Korea District Heating Corporation
Busan City Waterworks Business Headquarters Myeongjang Water Purification Plant
Filter Paper Pollution Source Blocking Facility
Korea Expressway Corporation Samcheok Sokcho Construction Project Team Samcheok
Sokcho Electrical Work
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Chilseong-ro Public Parking Lot Duplex Project
Purchase of lighting fixtures for the Korea Foundation for Arts and Culture
Jeonnam Suncheon City Culture and Arts Center
Gyeonggi-do Pocheon City Council Building
Gyeongnam Office of Education Education and Training Center
Korea Meteorological Administration Gangwon Regional Meteorological Administration
Chuncheon Meteorological Observatory
Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong-gun Agricultural Technology Center
Ulsan Dongbu Fire Station Gangdong 119 Area Construction
Gyeongsangnam-do Tongyeong-si Clinic Lab Remodeling Work
Gyeongsangbuk-do Chilgok Yamok-myeon government building and multi-purpose hall new construction
Replacing old lighting fixtures at Jeju Youth Training Center
Chungnam Nonsan Complex Cultural Facility Construction
Busan Jung-gu 40-step Cultural Center Living Culture Center Project
Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency Namhae Police Station Investigation Support Team
Korea Airports Corporation Daegu Branch / Jeju Branch
Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal New Construction
Sejong Special Self-Governing City Sejong SB Plaza Construction
Korea Airports Corporation Daegu Airport Solar Power System Installation Work
Korea Environment Corporation Metropolitan West Regional Headquarters
Korea Electric Safety Corporation Regional Children's Center Electrical Equipment Improvement Project
Korea Airports Corporation Jeju Airport Expansion Construction
Korea Electric Safety Corporation, Jeollabuk-do Imsil-gun Welfare Facility Electricity Efficiency
Improvement Project
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Changwon Innovation Support Center Construction
Jinju City Urban Construction Bureau Shinjinju Station Area Urban Development Project District 1 Electrical Work
Korea Railroad Corporation Accounting Integration Center LED Floodlight Purchase
Daejeon Metropolitan City Construction Management Headquarters Cheongsong Youth Culture Center
Electrical work for Korea Rural Community Corporation, Jeonnam Regional Headquarters Gurye Office Building
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Jeju Fire Station asbestos replacement work
Gyeongnam Sacheon National Daycare Center
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Agricultural Technology Institute Agricultural and Fishermen's Hall
Renovation and Electrical Work
Educational Institution
Gyeongbuk Magye High School Busan Haeundae Minan Elementary School
Seoul Susong Middle School Daegu Gyeseong Middle School
Jeju National University of Broadcasting and Communication Taean Anheung Elementary School
Jeju Hansupul Library/Dongnyok Library Gyeongbuk Uiseong High School
Miryang Sangnam Elementary School Gyeongsangbuk-do Andong Jungang High School
Changnyeong Gwamin Elementary School Daegu Seonggwang High School
Changwon Daesan Elementary School Yeosu Namsin Elementary School
Gyeongnam Daegok High School Miryang Milju Elementary School
Gyeongbuk Seongju High School Yeosu Yeodo Middle School
Busan Dongseong Elementary School Gyeongbuk Shilla Technical High School
Pohang Jangseong High School Chungbuk Myeongji Elementary School
Sejong School of Science and Arts Gifted Jeju Seogwipo Science High School
Gumi Girls' Commercial High School Daeshin Middle School in Seogwipo, Jeju
Seoul National University of Science and Technology Gangjin Byeongyeong Middle School
Changwon Korea National Open University Gangjin Jeonnam Life Science High School
Pusan National University Gangjin Byeongyoung Commercial High School
Kyungpook National University Jeju Sehwa High School
Pusan National University of Education Chilgok Buksam Middle School / Shindong Middle School
Jinju Gyeongsang National University Cooperation Foundation
Chungbuk National University Pusan National University / Andong University
Kunsan University Haman Chilsung Middle School
Suncheon University Gyeongbuk Uiseong Technical High School
Changwon University Gyeongsangbuk-do Gyeongsan High School
Kumoh University of Technology Jeju Tamna Education Center
Daegu National University of Education Jeju Sehwa High School
Korea National University of Transportation Seoul Ilwon Elementary School
Gangneung Wonju University Busan Dong-Eui Technical High School
Chuncheon National University of Education Gyeongbuk Gunwi Information High School
Pukyong National University Gyeongnam Changwon Myeonggok Elementary School
Chonbuk National University Gyeongsangbuk-do Cheongsong Girls' High School
Jeju National University Gyeongju Design High School
Chonnam National University Gyeongnam Aeronautical High School
Daegu Catholic University Yeosu Gubong Elementary School
Gyeongin University of Education Gyeongnam Gimhae Gaya High School
Suncheon University Seoul Hasan Middle School
Gongju University and many others Gyeongnam Geoje High School
Gyeongnam Provincial Geochang University Industry-Academic Gyeonggi-do Yatap High School
Hanyang University College of Education Affiliated High School Gyeongnam Myeongdeok High School
Seoul Robot High School Miryang Samrangjin Middle School


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