Temperature Compensation Circuit & Power Stabilization


temperature compensation circuit and power stabilization technology

The primary purpose of public lighting is to illuminate objects or spaces that would otherwise be indistinct and dark at night.

Economical power consumption (Patent No. 10-1266003)

  • Implement a single power factor compensation control circuit
    to provide a power factor of 0.9 or greater
  • Securing economic feasibility through feedback of output
    current without a separate power supply
  • Circuit protection from malfunction (no load, overload, output
    short circuit)

Stabilization of power supply (Patent No. 10-1274110)

  • Complementing the limitations of electrolytic capacitors with
    the use of non-electrolytic capacitors
  • Provides constant light brightness with stable constant current
    driving method
  • Frequency jittering minimizes EMI levels and noise filter circuitry

Stable light quality

Consistent light output by providing stable constant current
(Patent No.10-1274110)

High Efficiency LED Lights

Provides a power factor of 0.9 or greater with a single power
factor correction control circuit implementation
(Patent No.10-126003)

Economic savings

Optimized and minimized circuit design reduces manufacturing costs
(Patent No.10-1266003)

Problems with area factor SMPS

  • Increased reactive power consumption
    -> Reduced LED luminaire efficiency (increased current consumption)
  • Reduced lifespan of LED luminaires due to increased heat generation
  • A large amount of power loss during AC-DC conversion

Need to improve power factor

  • Growing interest in power factor to save energy in electronic devices
  • Implementation of ‘Power Factor Rate System’ by Korea Electric
    Power Corporation
    : Basic rate discount system for average power factor of 0.90 or higher

Single power factor correction circuit design technology (Patent No. 10-1274110)

Minimize the distortion of the current and control the phase to match
the voltage as much as possible, Changed the power factor correction
circuit that uses passive elements such as inductors in the input power
supply to use active elements such as ICs, FETs, and DIODEs

Switching driver IC application technology (Patent No. 10-1266003)

  • Switching controller application (Resolves flickering caused
    by sudden current change during dimming operation)
    -> Resolving Ringing
  • Equipped with virus supply circuit
    -> Optimal circuit design, minimized power consumption
  • Application of overheat protection protection circuit
    -> Circuit protection effect from no-load, overload, output
    short circuit and overheat symptoms, malfunction
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The primary purpose of public lighting is to illuminate objects or spaces that would otherwise be indistinct and dark at night.

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